I design digital products that make people's lives simpler

I’m a Product Designer and a Digital Marketer. Always striving to combine my skills from multiple arenas to provide a unique value.
Innovation and problem solving excite me and makes me get off of bed and figure out a creative way to solve the challenge.
I expand the horizons of my learnings, and approach my work with a multi-dimensional perspective. And I wanna bring this at your company. Hit the button below and let’s have a chat!

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Waris Hussain
Waris Hussain

More about me —

👋 Hey, I’m Waris, a curious learner.

I started off with design by exploring my interest in Graphic Design. Since then, I've been a graphic designer for multiple freelance clients. Then I shifted to learning User Experience Design. It was great for me as it encompasses both my passions for business and technology. But that wasn't my final destination. I remained open to new opportunities and got my feet in Digital Marketing.

Right now I’m learning as much as I can about different aspects of business, by working in a fast-paced startup Career Hackers as a Marketer. I joined the company just after one month of it's establishment. Together with the co-founders, I am building a one-stop shop for job-seekers.
[Update: We sold the company to Wasabi Ventures. Currently, I'm re-building the company with the new team, aiming for exponential growth; along with working on other Wasabi Ventures Companies]
Also, I just finished re-designing the entire Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for FiveCRM.

I love learning new things, diving deep into gaining new insights and experiences. And when I'n not behind my Mac, I can be found reading, travelling, or drinking coffee ☕️.

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