Blue fit is the modern fintess app designed for people who love simplicity. A minimalist design to get work done efforlessly.

Goal Tracking is given prime focus in the design of Blue Fit App.

The special thing about Blue Fit is PERSONALISATION. It's dashboard, Goal tracking and activity monitoring system, all is tailored for YOU. Your Personalised Dashboard has all the things you need at one place.

Fill in Details in the beginning, connect to your fitness-band and you're ready to go.


Surprisingly even after acknowledging the great benefits of exercise, a large group of the population is significantly less physically active.

The number 1 reason they don't work out regularly is the lack of motivation. Studies have shown that setting goal and keeping a track of them is an effective method to motivate people to exercise.

So, Blue Fit app is to be designed to encourage users to become more active.

Goal tracking has to be given special attention.

A detailed activity monitoring system to track progress and an extensive database has to be created.


The user base was people aged 13-40.
The challenge here was to create a smartphone app that will help the target users to improve their fitness at their comfort level. To set Goals and keep track of them efficiently.

User Research

Research taught me about users, their behaviours, goals, motivations and needs.
It also showed me what problems the users are facing with other systems, and most importantly, how they feel when interacting with a product.
Research proved an showed that simple clean and straightforward apps provide the best possible User Experience.

People want a Straightforward app. They want to see the progress of their goals and stay on track.
The detailed analysis and user research allowed me to better understand the users and their needs.

How Might We ( In my case, it was- How Might I, as I was working alone on this project)
I used HMW method to set clear goals for myself and define the problem statements.

- How might we make exercising appealing to more people.
- How might we encourage people to reach their goals.
- How might we provide a clear, simple Goal tracking experience.
- How might we show the data in the most efficient way possible.


Usability was given prime focus in designing the Blue Fit app. And Usability is not just 'Ease of Use'. Usability means thinking about how and why people use a product and to make it useful, usable and delightful.

I focused on the 5-Es -

- Effectiveness (Completeness and accuracy)
- Efficiency (Speed)
- Engaging (Satisfying to use)
- Error Tolerant (Prevents errors and recover from any errors)
- Easy to Learn (Learn without deliberate effort)

To make sure I'm focusing on Usability and not only on Visual Design, I started with wireframes - both Low Fidelity and High Fidelity.

The next step is to add the colors, focus on visuals in Sketch App and get the design ready to create an Interactive Prototype.


A prototype can be defined as an early model of a novel design. The Goal was to create a realistic prototype to test it with users. I use Invision App to create a realistic Prototype

Link to Invision Prototype

User Testing

User Testing allows improvement upon the original product design.
Testing helped me to eliminate the problems and difficulties that were unforeseen in the design and research phase.

Since at the time of User Testing, the whole world was Quarantined, I decided to conduct Remote User Testing. The users were interacting with the prototype from the comfort of their home and I had some valuable insights.

With these Insights, I did the Iterations in Design and the Final Product was ready

Onboarding and Survey

Onboarding is designed to be as simple as possible for users to get into the system .

In order to make PERSONALISED Dashboard, User's information was needed. So, the users were given a survey in the beginning to fill their basic info like age, height, weight; and to set goals they want to achieve and to pair a fitness band to keep track of their goals.

The Survey is Simple, and is made as efficient as possible.


Dashboard is the main place where users will spend most of their time. So, it has to be clean, simple, and efficient, with everything a user needs at one place. The Dashboard is divided in three sections- Activity for a user to know their activity during the day, Agenda, to shoe their week and month; and Goals for users to keep track of Goals.

The Dashboard is made for simplicity and to show all information in least time possible.

Clean and minimalist design increasing efficiency of the app

A personalised Dashboard tailor-made for YOU

Effective activity and goal tracking features motivates you to do more

Connect your favourite fitness band without any hassle


I must say designing an app from scratch is indeed a complicated multi-step process, but I did learn a lot about the process. The real challenge for me was to apply the knowledge towards designing solutions and creating an interactive high-fidelity prototype.

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